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A - Scan Machine - US - 1000

A - Scan Machine - US - 1000

A - Scan Machine - US - 1000
  A compact and light weight US 100 'A' Scan Biometer measures highly accurate axial length with anterior chamber depth,
    lens thickness and vitreous length of eye.
  Specially designed software eliminates corneal compression readings.
  Facility to enter personal contrast and new velocities for new IOL material or silicon filled eyes.
  Pre defined eye types handles most situations as Phakic, Pseudophakic, semidense, Dense catract
  Automatic measurement mode eliminates reqquirments of foot switch for easy operation.
  Can be upgrades to add Pachymetry.
  Upgrade of water immersion technique option is available.
10 MHZ Solid. light weight with red LED for fixation
Tip Radis
Dia. 5mm (Concave)
Probe Mode
Contact, Immersion (Immersion optional)
Ultrasonic Velocity
Phakic eye
1550 m/s (axial lenght)
1532 m/s (Anterior Chamber & Vitreous Body)
1641 m/s (Lens)

Aphakic eye
1532 m/s (axial lenght)
Measuring Range
Axial lenght 15 - 46 mm
Measurement Mode
Manual, Semi Automatic, Automatic
Eye Modes
Phakic, Aphakic, IOL, Dense1, Dense2, Silicon oil
+/-0.1 mm
IOL Formula
SRK, SRK II, SRK-T, Blinkhost, Halladay.
LCD with back light 0.01 mm Resolution
Built in 3 " Thermal Printer (optional)
230 V AC 50Hz (110 V AC, 60Hz on Selected modes)
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